I am 100% Italian and moved to the United States in 2010. I was office manager and paralegal in Italy with the hobby of tour managing a blues rock band from my hometown (quite opposite tasks!). This is how I met my husband who is a musician and this is what led me to the biggest life changing experience I’ve lived so far .

What brings me here with you all it is the desire to share the substantial and diverse package of experiences I have acquired throughout this beautiful journey called life.

Here is what you’ll find:

  • authentic Italian recipes taught me by my Mother who learned from my Grandmother. These recipes represent fundamental family traditions and culture;
  • destinations I have visited, with itineraries and suggestions;
  • lifestyles and relationships knowledge I have directly and indirectly acquired.

Follow me through this exciting journey and I look forward to hear from your cores!


Recipes passed along the women of my family for years!


Places I’ve visited with itineraries and hints to optimize your travel!


Social and cultural experiences, directly and indirectly acquired